What to Do When Your Parents Don't Support Your Music Career

"Honey, we love you, and that's why we are trying to tell you that a music career is just...not...sustainable. I mean, how would you support a family someday?"


If you just winced, you likely have heard your parents make a comment like this before. 

No matter the strength of your relationship with your parents, their opinions (whether positive or negative) mean something to you. Whether or not you and your parents usually get along, somewhere--deep down inside of you--you crave their approval.

Yeah, don’t try to deny it.

This subtle, but ever present need can be awesome when our parents are on board with our big ideas, but can be devastating when our parents don’t support the path that we choose to take.

For us musicians, this raises an (unfortunately) well-known question:

What should we do when/if our parents discourage us from pursuing a music career?

Whether or not you are just trying to figure this out or have already forged ahead in your musical ventures, here are five tips on how to navigate conflict between your parents and your musical dreams.

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