Yay. Yet another crazy cat woman.

She's like a little gremlin. 

She's like a little gremlin. 

By the way, this is my kitteh. Her name is Small Cat. 

Her favorite game is fetch, she knows how to pee in the toilet like a human (I didn't teach her. I caught her peeing in the toilet one day and it freaked me out), and she loves to cuddle and knock things over.

Hey there!

Thanks for creeping on me.

I'm honored that you would visit my website, and hope that you can find something that will add value to your life!

As you have probably already noticed, I am rather a jack-of-all-trades, which makes every bio I have ever written sound absolutely ridiculous. I wish that it would suffice to say that I am Belmont University's oldest commercial voice major, but that might obscure the fact that I'm Nashville's most perky freelance copywriter, which would in turn distract you from my crazy blogging about all-things-music-industry, which would then send you into a tizzy of confusion as you try to figure just what this website is all about. 

I'm still figuring that out myself. 

But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my blog, are relaxed by my music videos, and/or find a good reason to drop me a line about writing copy for your big project! 

Your friend,

Sarah :)

You can snoop on my Instagram account here:


Sorry. My Instagram profile is pretty boring. 

It basically consists of cat pictures, stupid memes, wannabe-artistic photos of foliage and such, vain selfies, more stupid memes, cat pictures, and more cat pictures. 

So if you like cats and pictures of my face, keep scrolling. Otherwise, don't waste your time.